Abundance Abuses

Getting more praises I feel disdain
Compliment should be little like spice
Too much seasoned foods bad remain
Respect's implicit, few words nice

Open kitchen fridge before kids
Make them obese and insatiable
They waste more than their needs
All sources must be controllable

Easy coming fortune sans pain
like inheritance or dubious trade
He over-spends for joy in vain
Toward bad conducts would degrade

Information's lush and too fast
Yet less people would try to learn
Many fill their time watching crusts
Jamming by bullshits their mind urn

Who possess wealth after dearth
would safeguard it within eyeball
Cry for the kid but who gave birth
and for fund but who made it tall.

Kassem Oude
Thursday July 13,2017

by Kassem Oude

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nice i like very interesting, unique, minecraft
I read your poem about a sonnet, it brought tears to my eyes. Tammy, you have no idea how often I think of you, the fun we had together in rhode island. I so wish we could chat occasionaly on email. Love - Jerry. usn.ret22@gmail.com
tammy, I read your poem, a sonnet, it brought tears to my eyes, You have no idea how often I think of you. I so wonder how things would have been for us had we got married. I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of your sister. I wish we could chat on email once in a while. jerry
Applauds, applauds applauds for this rosy mind. I have seen no crafty hands as this. Lovely poem. Lovely!
I'm not that much of a poet, though i am learning. But this poem just blew me away. it is amazing it is seriously going up there with my top favorite poems and i thank you for that, and encourage you to please write more amazing poems like this one...
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