Sonnet: On Diligence

Howev'r your entry was upon good earth,
What matters more is your exit from here;
God knows how He allowed your earthly birth,
To Him each one is loved, precious and dear.

God hates the lazy soul, He made with care;
The diligent shall reap their fruits of toil;
Querying the Lord, only the foolish dare;
Your labor's prime for seed sowed on good soil.

Gardens can't spring forth beauteous flowers by song;
Cities don't rise from mere concrete, steel, fast;
The moon wasn't reached by dreams alone for long;
Hard work brings out truths hidden of the past.

No fool can do feats and pleasure derive!
Through diligence, the human race can thrive.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 4-11-2014

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Nice through diligence only human race can thrive. Beautiful lines composed in awareness.