Sonnet: On Good Poetry

The cause if noble, needs an effort great;
If nobler still, the struggle must be more;
If willed by God, unaltered 'tis by Fate;
Yes, Poetry has Life, its soul as core;

True Poetry is written from one's heart;
Its glory and beauty is forever;
Without a doubt, it involves effort, art;
Profound's the joy, evoked in each reader.

Good Poetry's a river flowing ev'r;
The Poet's mark is writ, 'etched', on its face;
Time cannot steal its beauty, value, pow'r;
It grows in fact, in height and girth and base.

Good Poetry's a sacrifice too great,
To God and Earthlings that can ne'er abate.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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This poem is striking sir...I've one of my poem on these lines.........pls feel free to read this.. A poem should be A poem should be alike a serene scene A scene of beauty, thy eyes never seen. Nature with its own arms had it creation A creation which never hath to be created again. The joy which beautifies its bliss That bliss which beautifies beauty’s sense. The sense wherein thousand thoughts do whiz And in its ecstasy one would have tears at once. With that every bard as tho blind of envy Being conquered by his mind & will For the one who has versed it well Should weave evergreen words of Ivy. If thy wishes to pen..pen this sort of one If not…. do not touch thy pen.