Sonnet: On The Prudent Use Of Earth’s Resources

When mountains’ cut and granite stones are made,
And Iron’s got from ore deep down the Earth,
And wood is sawed from trees of Everglade:
Thus, skyscrapers in cities get their birth!

The Earth’s resources are so abundant;
It lasts as long as God wants it to last;
So, gold is turned into rings and pendant;
In doing this, man appears to be fast.

Prudence is needed in whatev’r man does;
The Earth’s resources could get depleted;
Improper ways of man could make things worse;
Man’s plans to progress get self-defeated.

Let man take care when resources are scarce;
When coffer’s empty, why then cry out hoarse?

6-26-2002 byDr John Celes

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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