Falling In Love

Do you remember that first
special kiss, was the feeling
one of heavenly bliss, that swept
you off your feet, made your life
some how feel complete. Did every
worry simply fade away. Was there
a warmth inside like the sun followed
you every day. Did you find yourself
smiling at just about everything
and only wanting to hear your
loves voice more than anything.

Then you fell in love, your heart
was blessed by the heavens above.
Not everyone feels this powerful
feeling. The one that makes your
life so appealing.Cupids arrow
hit its mark, where it always
missed you in the past.Isn't love
a wonderful thing, it plays sweet
music inside. Gets your soul dancing.

Love's a feeling you wish to keep
it's a comfort that holds you while
you're asleep.Every waking morning
you arise with a smile, as you
open the curtains and look to the skies.
Everything seems so beautiful, a touch
of loving class.You thank the lord
for blessing you, and pray that the
feeling will last.When closing your eyes
you picture your love, and instantly you
smile. Feeling the tingle inside your
heart, this touch of heavens delights.

© Jon.London 2009

by London Love Poems

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