Sonnet: Our Earthly Life

Our earthly life has anguish and travail,
But dedication can achieve most things;
Yet, ne’er worry if at times you may fail;
Take up your problems as and when life brings.

Labor, we must- there is no cause to fear;
Don’t be afraid, for rampant is life’s strife;
Though fear of not making success is there,
All cannot make it to the dais of life.

The scars life leaves are sometimes deep enough;
The grief life brings is sometimes too propound;
The wounds life makes don’t heal for some are tough;
In Hope, our life’s journey is always bound.

Endure, restart, labor, rededicate;
Many things in life, we must masticate.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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You’ve driven home the hard realities of life, as well as the qualities of head and heart to take them in our stride, and to face them head on and ultimately succeed. You’ve demonstrated that any theme could be conveyed through a sonnet, if only you know the art. #10.