How Do You Plead?

Your Honor,
I stand before thee with many burdens.
Hatred lies in the heart of me, but only of a tarnished soul.
I recount the days of rebellion and disobedience.
Still, I live for thou has not forsaken me.
So cleanse thy soul, for I beg to be greater.
My shall not be tread in the dark.
Thou shall convict this demon that stands before me and allow me admit to impurities.
Rejoice in the presence of thous own angels under my repentance, granting everlasting life and I shall thrive in thy kingdom abovfe.
As for now, I am chained,
but with opened-mind, body and soul.
Thou shall pour in forgiveness to my bloody case.
For I plead guilty of sin.

by careema cooper

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