Sonnet: Our Indian Jawans

For days and nights, they stay awake on end,
Trekking, marching, trudging, climbing terrain;
And strain their eyes to shoot and thus defend,
In marshy-land, forest, snow, sun or rain.

Though life was luxurious in times of peace,
’Tis war-time now, how life has become sad!
With scanty food, drink, clothes but much disease,
They move about some turning nearly mad.

This is the life of our Indian Jawans!
A life of sacrifice for country’s sake;
None can predict who lives/ dies, when peace dawns;
Each soldier fights with heart and soul, not fake.

Hats off, salute and sing a song of praise!
They die to make us live with happy face.

5-29-2002 by Dr John Celes
dedicated to my brothers in the frontiers
who die so that we may live!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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