Sonnet: Our Time Is Out

Don’t drive us Lord to tolerance’s edge;
To despair’s cliff, the fall which means sure doom;
Don’t let the devils drive a mighty wedge
Between man’s soul and God: bride and Bridegroom!

For, human beings can’t suffer for long!
The world is too much for their petite forms;
How longer can they sing their plaintive song?
For, Death invites their frames to worms.

O help them Lord, to mitigate their strife
Or take them off world’s scene, if You so want;
What can they do with frail bodies, scarce life?
And daily food and shelter get, they can’t.

O hear the cries of your unfortunate souls!
If not for You, who else can change their roles?

8- 23-2002

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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