Sonnet: Rivalry

Rivalry exists in some professions;
’Tis also found in the animal world;
Sometimes, it occurs in a few sessions,
Among nations, leading to a war cold.

The King cobra devours the python huge,
When a fit of ravenous hunger strikes;
Whenev’r jealousy in hearts takes refuge,
Rivalry stems from the many dislikes,

Friends become rivals in getting first place,
And become foes and seal each other’s fate;
Chivalry is rivalry’s healthy face;
Rivalry leads to no development state.

Rivalry has no place in any life;
Chivalry is good especially in strife.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (1)

I went through some of your poems. Nice presentations without any complexity and up to the point. Your poems are carriers of some message and try to bring the reader to a better level of perception. Fine views. Fine verses with a nice rhyming effect.