Sonnet: Rosabelle

Oh Rosabelle, forgive me for my part!
Thou art my eldest sibling like mother;
Thine silence somehow hurts my wounded heart;
Bestow thy love again for thine brother!

Thou art the bud that blossomed flower first,
And emanated fragrance that was sweet!
To see thee happy- my heart is athirst;
Oh how I wish to talk to thee and meet!

If differences cropped, ’tis not my fault;
I am the same in heart and mind, not health;
We ate like food and tasted common salt;
Yet, love seems shadowed by some hate, some wealth.
What dost thou gain by staying so aloof?
Remember that we’d shared a common roof!
3-6-2004 copyright by dr john celes
Dedicated to my beloved eldest sister Mary Rosabelle

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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