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Sonnet: Rules Are Alike For All
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Sonnet: Rules Are Alike For All

When Nature strikes with force devastating,
The brunt of it is borne by poor brethren-
A story true, perhaps everlasting;
Unspared are rich, believers and heathen!

Unsafe remains a palace on a rock!
Unharnessed Nature ruthlessly behaves;
Without a key, it opens any lock;
None can escape- the ‘haves’, ‘have-nots’ or aves.

That Nature can be brutal is well-known;
Why blame it for the lack of man’s fore-sight;
His intellect must help man not to moan;
Yet, man is blind in darkness and in light!

Why Nature must maintain a constant clime?
The soul of man isn’t sin-free all the time.

Dr John Celes 9-6-2005

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Not bad 'Sonnetry' at all! Good work!