Sonnet: Smoking Kills

He learnt to smoke from adolescent stage;
Yet, kicked the habit never, thereafter;
Now, he is only fifty years of age;
But gone completely is his life's laughter.

He smoked in chains and puffed smoke-rings away;
He is now chained to his smoking habit!
He sits now counting the hours in a day!
And feels his life, ebbing out, bit by bit.

His Lungs have become Cancerous by now;
The blood he coughed, revealed that Death was nigh;
There's no cure; To destiny, he will bow;
This is the case of persons low or high.
Beware, O Man, your smoking can kill you!
Your near and dear ones and some others too.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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So true. Smoking has killed many a person and ruined the health of others. Very well expressed. Thanks for sharing it.