Sonnet: Take Me, O Master, Into Thine Vineyard

0 Master, take me into Thine vineyard;
Thou give me any duty as Thou please;
And when I've finish'd show me Thine backyard;
Enroll me vassal, when free of disease.

0 Master fair, Thou give me a job soon;
Thou may pay me anything in return;
To be Thine servant, humblest is a boon;
For then, I can't ever go to Hell and burn.

0 Master kind, any job will suffice;
My precious time, I've wasted for quite long;
Thou give me food, enough to do work nice;
Thou give me work before ceases Thine song.

How lucky 'tis to be in Thine vineyard!
A servant's lucky more in Thine backyard.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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