Sonnet: Take Thou My…

Take Thou my hands and use them as Thy own;
Thou knowest well their optimum usage;
And I might use them almost like a clown!
Abuse/ misuse them ’fore I reach old-age.

Take Thou my eyes and use them as Thy own,
So that they see just things they’re meant to see;
For I might see things, on which Thou couldst frown,
Or fail to see the things I must freely.

Take Thou my mind and use it as Thy own,
My ears and nose and tongue and skin as well;
My thoughts and actions should not let me down;
Let not my soul forever burn in Hell.

Take Thou my soul and use it as Thy own,
Before I sin and Thou must me disown!

Dedicated to all Righteous and God-fearing
People of this world!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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