Heartbreak (C) 7-26-07

Why do I feel this? Why am I so hurt by this?
None of this makes any sense.
I was so desperate for her, I love her too much
I honestly don't have a good defense.

Why am I feeling this way? Am I this dumb that I really thought she loved me?

I honestly believed she felt the same way as I,
This heartbreak is making me want to break down and cry.

Why do I care about you? There are many other women
I think there are more girls I can find.
You're not the only one...wait...I guess you are
Why oh why am I losing my mind

This is not fair I felt your appreciation as a token
Now I'm sitting in the dark lonely hurt and quite frankly heartbroken.

Copyright 7-26-07 ©® Corey Threet

by Corey Threet

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