Sonnet: The Liberation Of The Soul

Like Dove, a bird free, I’ as born into this world;
Now a victim of Satan’s temptations;
Denied of grace, my soul’s institution’s
Caged without food or drink, remaining sold!

Knowing ’tis a fox, a hen I fell prey!
In tornado’s eye, I ’m hopelessly caught;
In an abyss of sins, my eyes see not;
Nor can I see in the light of the day.

Hear me my Good Shepherd, I’m thine lost sheep;
Caught ’midst thistles, anguished, bleeding I lie!
In remorse, ready to atone or die;
Thy prodigal son has returned to weep!

I’ve renounced Satan anew, oh my Lord;
Deny not my soul, Thy sacred flesh/blood!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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