Sonnet: The Man Of God

Blest is the man who spreads the Word of God
To people who have never heard of it!
He serves like an instrument of the lord
And salvages some souls meant for the ‘Pit’.

Blest is the man who quotes the Scriptures well
And interprets them rightly for God’s cause!
He saves some sinners heading to sure hell
And brings more souls to Heaven with less loss.

Blest is the man who guides people to Light!
Rescuing them from Eternal darkness;
He knows the way to Heaven by foresight,
And delivers men from devil’s harness.

Blest is the man of God who spreads gospels!
For, Holy Spirit speaks through him and tells.

10-9-2001 by Dr John Celes
dedicated to Rev. Fr. Antony Lawrence D.D.,
my most revered School Principal, Teacher and
spiritual guide

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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