Sonnet: The Need For Purity Of Soul

I need to be sin-free and pure of heart,
And mind, soul, body and spirit as well,
As ’tis my duty and my earthly part,
To avoid punishment in fire of hell.

I need to be a virtuous earthling,
For, God gave me a soul and so expects,
My readiness for His Second Coming,
Although my freedom always, He respects.

I need to keep my soul afilled with grace,
To get God’s blessings, favors and His gifts,
And keep my righteous path, heavenly gaze,
And get rewarded by His divine lifts.

I need to be all pure of mind and soul,
For, that’s my ultimate aim and my role.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 3-27-2008

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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this English sonnet [Shakespearean] is flawless, didactic... we all need to be pure from mind and be blessed forever by God.