Sonnet: The Paradox Of Life

Who says the one that’s near loves you the most?
Who says the child who obeys is the best?
Who says friend is better than stranger as host?
Who says by sleeping, mind gets ample rest?

Who says river –water excels the well’s?
Who says the rain is boon and not a bane?
Who says that water than oil cheaper sells?
Who says that iron is better than cane?

You cannot take for granted many things;
Sometimes, you can’t believe your eyes or ears;
Beggars can live lives better than some kings;
Sometimes, you can’t infer the cause of tears!

Some things in life perplex the wisest mind;
Sometimes, you need old clocks, you used to wind!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Antinomies of truths brought out so well in your sonnet of full felicity. Now on, you will be my model for my sonnet attempts.