Off The Hook

Off The Hook

blowing it up
free styling fiend on the mic
Sucka M.C. seems all right
who's your sugar daddy

ain't nothing dandy
gone are the days when Sid met Nancy
you ought running the streets from the cops
the tops come undone with the mops

we toss
grazing in the field as a cow eats its cud
like a lone stick that's stuck in the mud
a flood

Boogey down with the socks
I'm stepping on toes
it's not who you know but rather who you blow
Sugar is sweet on the vine

All you sucka's can kiss my fat behind
getting lost in the grind
you read Tarot cards getting stuck on Mars
can't you read through the bars

who cut the cheese
break it down for me fellows

stuck like so mellow
falling asleep on my pillow
slap me across the face
your whole family says your a big disgrace

Going to trader Joe's
up your nose with a rubber hose
beep beep hear me roar
out back with Uncle Tony kicking it with a two bit whore

she's crying more...more...more

by John Ackerman

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