Sonnet: The World Forgets The Truly Great

Who says, ‘night is to sleep, day is for work’?
To some, there is no night or day at all;
They labor unceasingly, they nev’r shirk;
And become heroes of the fame-hall.

How persons some have sacrificed their lives,
For mankind’s sake and nation’s cause and peace!
Their work-spot and house turn to be like hives;
They slogged to put other people at ease.

Yet, does the world care for these noble souls?
Not in a big way, most times it forgets!
Their demise leaves unpluggable voids/holes;
To these great men, the world remains in debts.

Who cares about the stars when dawned has day?
Who cares about the stars tho’ night, let’s say?


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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