Ithe Orphan.

I am an orphan
I know no one than he whose
Benevolence led them to bring me home
And I am here without a father or mother.
I am an orphan
With phlegm drifting my nose
And tears rolling my cheeks-
A mixed meal crafted
For an orphan like me.
I am an orphan
My country claims me a citizen
And still leave me in tears
Like a raining sky
I am melting, diminishing like
A candle lighted upon the alter of neglect.
The Sun's morning hue glows
In the absence of joy
And the setting sun rays mixed
With the dark clouds make me a blurred star
Unable to assert my luminance
My hair is wilting
My eyes sunken
And my bulging stomach filled with wants
Still the world is deaf
Deaf as a toad
And still like a mountain.

by Tony Adah

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