Sonnet: There Is Hope In God

What is destined to happen will happen;
What is prophesied too will come someday;
God hears our prayers: new doors He’ll open;
Work hard, be patient till things come your way.

Good things may be delayed, never denied;
God watches one’s travails and is not mute;
In truth/ injustice, when we do abide,
To land safely, God sends the parachute.

Despair may come in life in umptine ways,
And grief profound may strike the hearts wounded;
And though we may be counting our last days,
New hope and joy will leave us dumbfounded.

Yet, worrying isn’t the method to solve things;
We must face bravely challenges, life brings.

Erode Vellalar College for Women, Thindal,
For her scholarly speech about my second volume of poetry
released in May1999 at IRTPMC, Perundurai.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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