No Nor'wester

The dazzling sun suddenly turned into blackish
I'm in mid-river with my little heart
Who crossed two April with her biggy eyes.
Suddenly the river became turbulent
The boatman stopped his Vatiyali
And glanced at the bank
His muscles became more active to cross

The storm rose
The waves lashed against the boat
We are still away
My baby hugged my neck tightly
And looked at the water
Enjoying with heart's content
She screamed at me
Look, look, Papa, It is like an ocean
She was the least nervous as there was her man

At once I felt that
And I too tried to imbibe her
Called Him, Oh! my father
Let's give your blessings... and don't forget us ever

The speed of the boat is now quenching
And the boatman is with benign smiling.

by dipak adhya

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