Sonnet: To My Big Brother

You are the best I have, my brother nice!
I know so well you suffer too like me;
Your heart is honest, broadminded, and wise;
I pray God must bless you quite soon surely.

You have a mind well-read, of course and sane;
I know that life has been to you unkind!
You are a boon, the elder son not bane;
Do continue your good work, I remind.

You are the one in whom I can confide;
Ever ready to help others always;
Don’t worry much, be brave; in God abide;
They are so nigh, your lucky, happy days.

So far, you have done well in life, don’t brood;
Be undeterred and never spoil your mood!

3-6-2001by Dr John Celes
dedicated to my most belov’d, elder brother
Er. A. Joebert Selvan B.E., M.E., Chennai, T.N., INDIA

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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