Sonnet: To “ps-Tot” Teachers Of Nttc, Jipmer

You gave me the baton and said, ” now RUN! ”
You showed me the road on which this is done;
But I know to just walk in rain or sun;
The terrain that I see, appears not fun!

From now on, I shouldn’t walk but learn to run;
There are some laps to go, ‘fore th’ race is won;
Let me be ready for soon goes the ‘GUN! ’
My inhibitions I must, try to shun.

Run I must bravely then, to finish –line;
I must too do it, in my given time;
Nothing to worry for things will be fine;
By running, not walking, I make life sublime.

Thank you dear Teachers, for you had been great!
My life for new Teachers, I now dedicate.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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