Let The Blindman Lead

As Palestine and Israel do a bloody salsa
The NATO sings an all so familiar tune
War and peace play games
Of hide and seek
Children of god hide away, meek
Saints of gutters gather dust
For saints to gutter ratio is all wrong

In this valley of blind, they say
Lies places, where they eat not
But have bullets for rice pellets
In the heart of the great black continent
Diamonds in hand, slavery bygone
Guns in hand, education bygone

In this valley of blind, they say
Are people who eat there own
Dressed in tuxedos
Talking of torpedoes
The walk in airs of patriotic plight
Generals & pawns, presidents & lawns
What else my lord
I believe my car’s not ford

In this valley of blind
Leaches live not in pits & caves
But in sky high glass enclaves
Wearing beady eyes & diamond brooches
Lengthy ties & wrinkle free shirts
They yell at screens of dancing digital figures
Holding bonds & stocks
Void of bone & blood,
These vultures walk a canyon,
They call Wall Street

In this valley of blind
Children play with no Barbie
But think of blood barbeques
Like the evil gothic midget
They plot & plan evil saying
Innocence in museums we find
In lifeless smiles of wax dolls
As they say in opinion polls
Our children are lost to games & whores

Missing nothing but light
In this world of night
Only the blind is right
Follow the blind,
For let them feel the world
Let them lead to light
An all us into an eternal flight

by jathin aka jesuzz

Comments (3)

Peering eyes see what can be seen, not what cannot. Just sayin'
.....a wonderful composition..very nicely penned ★