! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A Ballerina Wins My Heart! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

A beautiful ballerina full of grace
Tip toed on stage, in white lace.
Hair pulled back, a small crown in hair,
Oh, she looked so winsome and fair.

Other day was kicking her tiny legs on bed,
Wearing a tiny bonnet and dress in red.
She crawled in my courtyard on her knees,
She loved all the attention I could see.

Now, here she stood, so poised on stage,
I watched with joy, disbelief and dazed.
Step by step with others she moved on her toes,
Amazing… how fast children learn and grow.

My heart beat fast seeing little Anika dance.
But back in the green room she joyfully pranced.
Kissed her and left to keep another engagement.
Next day, she chided why you missed the final act.

I was looking for you when I made the bow,
Before I could reply she was creating row.
How did she manage to stay quiet and act
All grown up…she will be six next month in fact.

by Mamta Agarwal

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I am a bit of a new one but I love it
This is a great poem I'm using it for my homework I love it