Sonnet: Unfairness

Unfairness lives in every heart and mind;
Unfairness thrives in every earthling’s home;
Unfairness comes from siblings too, I find;
Earthlings are like uneven teeth of comb.

Unfairness occurs ev’n amidst most beasts;
Unfairness is seen ’midst the leaves of trees
Unfairness stays whenev’r the devil feasts,
And with the Apocalypse, it will cease.

Unfairness stems from world that’s within me;
Have I been fair to God who made me man?
Unfairness fills the world ’round me truly,
But it was man who did its sparks much fan!

Unfairness came with our first parents’ sin;
God’s Judgment fair will ultimately win.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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