Sonnet V: Drinking Beer

Drinking is logarithmic we decided
While finishing the upteenth beer last night.
It was just before we had recited
Monty Python and the Meaning of Life.
It seems that the first beer is always “taste”
And the second, so good, it comes so close,
That we drink the third beer with hurried haste
And the next three beers are a single dose.
Your head is now swimming, but you’re not drunk,
And getting the seventh beer from the fridge
You think, “Alfred E. Newman, what a hunk.”
With another beer you're burning the bridge
Between being cool and over the edge,
And you can’t balance beer while on that ledge.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (5)

Richanrd, it was written from memories of the same nights with the same brother.
I really enjoyed this, well written and filled with humor and truth. It reminds me of long ago drunken nights with my brother back home in Alabama
beer drinking back in my sporting days, i used to cosume copious amounts of the brownish fluid, now if i had one beer a month, i'd be doing well i am a wine man now, with an occasional spirit, and i dont mean a ghost great account of a woman slipping into a state of oblivian Warm regards allan
Sandra are you drinking 8 % beer, and through a straw? Perhaps some fatback before you start will delay alcohol absorption........ Janice, I will pass on your words to the constable; -)) H
Hey I drove my car home 5klm and made it safe. I had no idea I did it either. My host at the party had kept refilling my glass before it emptied and I was blind drunk. I think I was drinking Rum...I'm not quite sure. (eyes rolling in head) Hugs Jan