Sonnet Vi: I Love You

I am so very much in love that I
Can’t imagine how to describe it all
There’s the passionate fire I feel inside,
And there’s the love that made my wall to fall.
There’s a swelling tide of happy inside
And there’s a joy of bliss around my soul,
There’s a peacefulness here I can’t describe,
And your tender embrace keeps me from cold.
I would call that rose by its other name
And see if you would let me count the ways,
Saying in beauty like the night you came
And your arms are the safest place I stay.
You are the missing pieces of my soul,
You’re the only lover I want to hold.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (5)

Very tender and beautiful. I do love this form. Excellent. Chrissie
Thanks Herbert and Janice. Also, I think the word 'to' flows better and it says more to. Thanks though.
You're getting really good at these sonnets! I like how they are shaping up...A ten for sure Hugs Jan
Excellent Sandra. Small suggestion. Changing the word to in the 4th line to 'just' may be what you want to say? H
a lovely love poem sonnet, full of joy a beautiful change a peacful change With a warmth allan