Sonnet: Vices

’Tis easy slipping down any ladder;
’Tis easy to tumble down the hillside;
’Tis easy to fall down from a tree-top;
’Tis easy to slip off footboard of bus.

’Tis hard to climb the rungs of Life’s- ladder
’Tis hard to ascend the steep mountain- side;
’Tis hard to climb the slippery tree-trunk
’Tis hard to keep Balance on alcohol!

’Tis hard to maintain virtues in one’s life;
’Tis hard to maintain the balance of mind;
’Tis hard to do just the good things in life;
’Tis hard to keep off from wine, women, sex.

’Tis easy to contract vices on Earth;
’Tis hard to shake them off, even by stealth.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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