Sonnet: Vii

Unseen, untamed, oh! Tho’ sweet blossom unknown.
Thou grow’st on lonely mire with heaven’s care,
And far from th’ crying dale where wind hath blown,
By night ‘nd day, with joy of wild’rness so fair.

Unseen, unfelt, 'tis thine beauty unfold,
Thine beauty the heaven’s offspring ne’er dies,
As what in the Amaranth’s tale is told.
Thou art the heaven’s bounty, purifies,

The passing drifter with wonder in fullness.
Thou art the song ‘nd glory of the wild morn,
And stars and moon ‘nd night’s eternal darkness.
Thou art th’ nature’s exuberance ‘nd high born.

Between heaven ‘nd earth such beauty hath dwelt,
Which no eyes e’er seen, nor no heart e’er felt.

by Mirza Beg

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