Sonnet Viii: A Happy Madness

Happiness. Can’t say I’ve ever had it.
Once I met a gleaming happy person,
He was beaming as he asked me to sit,
Said he would tell me how to have some fun.
Said he never worried at all for others,
Said he never cared for the world at all,
Said no man in the world was his brother
Said he never cared for the ones who fall.
Said you can’t be happy with that worry,
Said to be happy, to do as he said.
Said life is short and gone in a hurry,
Said no one remembers you when you’re dead.
So I told him then I’d rather be sad,
He wasn’t happy, instead he was Mad.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (4)

nicely done Sandra
More 'ones' and more cowards. I guess you don't even have the guts to anwer my challenge. You truly are the worst of the worst. Be advised that I am still one of the best.
Thanks Janice, but whoever just gave me a 'one' has no bussiness being on this site. I don't think you even read this, you just like slamming the best poets. If I am mistaken, please write you're own sonnet and well see whao is better. That is, if you have any guts at all. Of course, I don't believe you do. You really damage the art of poetry by helping poets like me doubt themselfs. Plus, it's very hard to be inspired while under attack for no reason at all. You are the worst kind of hate, the blind kind. What could you possibly know about poetry being such a miserable coward? Why are you even on this site? This used to be such a fun inspiring site, you are destroying all that, which of course is what you want I guess. My poetry recieved over 350 hits yesterday, so I will take heart that I am being read. Are you? Or do you not even write? Please leave my work alone, or have the courage to leave your comment on why I deserve a 'one' for this. But 'I hate You' isn't really a reason, is it?
Great 10 again... Hugs Jan