Sonnet: What If Death Comes!

A lot of faces known to me are gone,
Including near and dear ones, friends and foes!
I wonder if I would exist till dawn!
Bereavements add to personal grief and woes.

The list grows bigger as I turn older!
Some faces new become acquainted too;
With time, our earthly life appears colder;
When Death souls steals, what earthlings poor can do?

None know when death takes off another soul;
Our state of grace is always important;
Preparing soul for heaven is our goal;
No earthly job is more significant.

Good Christians never fear their time of death,
With faith in God unshakeable since birth!
Copyright by Dr John Celes 3-19-2006

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Life passes as swiftly as a shadow, but it gets better farther on. Praise for the simplicity of your faith. Regards, Sandra