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Sonnet: Why God Gave Special Senses?
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Sonnet: Why God Gave Special Senses?

God gave me eyes to see his wondrous work
Of creation that none can ev’r surpass;
God gave me hands to do good things, not shirk,
And help the downtrodden and poorer class.

God gave me ears to hear what Nature says,
Through birds that sing in pleasant notes and songs;
And spend in useful ways, my earthly days,
Listening to good advice, avoiding wrongs.

God gave me skin to feel sun’s warmth/wind’s breeze,
And live a useful life in many climes;
God gave me tongue to taste/ swallow with ease,
Enjoying food that Nature gives all times.

God gave me all these things not to misuse,
But glorify Him by optimum use.

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