Sonnet: Wisdom

I ask for Wisdom and no other wealth;
It is the ultimate that reaches God;
It gives my body, mind and soul- its health;
A divine gift given to chosen Clod.

And Wisdom helps me understand this world,
In sane a manner, despite the chaos;
She makes me prudent and my actions bold,
Yet, keep God’s tenets and she’s my boss.

And Wisdom gives me fore-knowledge of things,
Both good and bad, pre-destined, accident;
Along with problems, solutions she brings;
I can always fulfill God’s commandment.

Wisdom I seek, deny me not, O God!
To help me help the needy souls from Clod.

Dedicated to
VC of The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R.Medical University
And Staff, Chennai

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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