Sonnet: World Children’s Plea

We are the children of the planet Earth,
Destined adults of the forthcoming years!
We doubt the safety of our very birth;
Our life exwomb is sad, bringing us tears.

We want the love that good parents can give;
We want the freedom to grow at our will;
We want to read, play, work and learn to live;
We want to be better citizens still!

Give us the chances to know about life;
Give us a world that will truly provide;
Give us the knowledge to counter our strife;
Give us the choice to worship, God abide.

Give us the love which your parents gave you;
Love us wholeheartedly, more than beasts do.

14-11-2000 by Dr John Celes
dedicated to the World Children’s Day

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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