With No Confusion

I prefer to be quiet
But also wants to be good poet
Not for name sake
But on wide horizons to stake

I can not remain idle
The pen forces me to struggle
Iron out burning issues
Write on them effectively and view

Many readers get annoyed
Their reservation is conveyed
How come science and other subjects occupy?
The poetry is to air natural objects to magnify

I want to reply but resist
They have right to insist
I shall stop centering around
The new topics are to be found

One editor forced me to write
On different day different subjects
I refused to oblige by saying
The poets can not remain bondage in conveying

Some may prefer silent language
Some may prefer romantic age
I prefer romantic as well as tragic
As human feelings are the main basic

We are here to watch the pain
Happiness and agony cause the strain
What else can we do to lessen the tension?
I think simple use of language with no confusion

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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Wonderful sonnet............Satire of class.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out