Beyond My Reach Part 2

I try hard: harder than the rest,
But people are just not impressed,
I can't be a rock star,
I can't drive a car,
I can't be president,
I can't be a film star.
I try and try, but it just isn't enough,
No matter how hard I try to be tough.
I am not tough:
But down on my luck,
I will continue to try,
And continue to never cry.
I will live out my days,
And pray for a better way of life,
Where I can be free of hardship and strife.
My life isn't easy, that's for sure,
But I'll try my best to be kind,
And keep my head and heart pure.

by Paula Glynn

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Overcome by nervous hesitancy and trepidation, the poet cannot declare all his love for his friend. His Sonnets must speak for him..
Having committed himself perhaps more than he intended, the poet now has to explain why at times he is tongue-tied in his love's company. It is, he says, mainly due to the magnitude of his love, the hugeness of it being such that it becomes like a burden almost too large to carry. He is like an actor who cannot remember his lines, or a wild beast in a fury thrashing around in futility, unable to achieve anything. Let his love come to the rescue by understanding his looks, how they speak silently, how they foretell the store of love which is buried within, even more so than that other (poet? lover?) who is so glib with his tongue. Although love is blind, he has the ability, if he wishes, to hear with his eyes.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out