My Imaginary Friend

At night,
My imaginary friend crawls out the dusty,
Bottomless shadows from my closet and from the darkest depths of the sooty corners of my bedroom
His humongous grin looks like a swing swaying underneath his dotted,
Black-coal eyes
Don't turn around
Because once you see a small glimpse of his croocked grin,
Dot eyes,
Or palid;
Pallid like a worn-out baseball,
Or melted skin,
Then he'll appear at the foot of your bed and chew on your flesh,
Like a dog with a feathery pillow
When you get up to use the bathroom,
Don't look in the mirror
There's this colorless girl with ruby-red on her bright sunflower dress in the mirror
One glance at her and she'll use her high-frequency sound to make maroon skim down your cheeks untill none is left
Don't look out the window
Or he'll dig his sharp,
Mucky claws into your skin maliciously,
Untill you don't have skin left to scratch
But don't worry,
In the morning he'll rise and flicker in flames and ashes
Just close your eyes

by Mikayla Bausley

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