Sonnet- You Can'T Have Opposites

When vices, virtues are but parallel lines,
The former moves backward, latter forward;
No one can take the mixture of such wines;
No one can be both fish and also bird.

There isn't a hybrid of vices, virtues;
There isn't a place where both of them can meet;
Just one and only one, a man must choose;
You can't have Heaven's joy and Hell's great heat!

The virtuous way is like climbing a hill;
The road to vice is like slipping from one;
While God rewards Heaven as former's bill,
The latter, yields hell's eternal fire-den!

One can't be both a good and bad a man;
You try to have Heaven and hell, how can?

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (1)

Some people have both good and evil in thoughts, feelings, actions and whether the reward or punishment is from God and/or man, or none does not make them change their ways. It seems to be human nature sometimes to have both.