Life Is Too Short For Love

Life ending quickly and has almost passed,
Nothing is remained; the limits have been crossed,
Like a dry leaf with a pale faded face,
No glory of the past, or shine or glace,
I still sense waves I still reflect light,
I'm still hanging on with all my might.

The amorous branches that swing with joy,
Stretched carefree like arms of a boy,
To the singing, dancing maid of rains,
Breaking the taboos and smashing the refrains,
The rain is amusing with pleasant heavy showers,
The leaves are green and red are the flowers

The blow of wind is exciting and amazing,
The soul peeping out as if body is glazing,
The cold blow of wind is hot and brightening,
The pale dry leaf is shivering and frightening,
As at any time it may fall on the earth,
The mother it rose from having all his worth.

He loved his mother more than anyone,
The stem like his father who was next to none,
The spread branches like brothers and sisters,
The friendly leaves the naughty gangsters,
And the lovely flowers like sweet charming girls,
Colorful, fragrant, charming like pearls.

Still thirsty goes with a hunger of love,
With branch of olive the sweet singing dove,
He couldn't meet yet and he couldn't yet see.
Good bye lovely garden, good bye my tree.
For a time passing love we need bright years,
To find a true love we need light years.

by Akhtar Jawad

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