Why Me?

I want to tell my story
But no one wants to hear
But I'll tell my story
And my eyes will start to tear

I once fell in love
With a boy who loved me too
But he never told me
So I never knew

He was my friend
And I'd loved him since the start
But he betrayed me
And he broke my heart

He loved another girl
He told me this
At my own party
I had to watch them kiss

She broke his heart
Many times I may add
He did not care
He still loved her as bad

She lied and she cheated
She treated him like dirt
With every guy
Was with whom she would flirt

I loved him
He said he loved me
He really loved her
That was easy to see

I just don't get it
Why did he lie?
Now they're together
And I want to die

by Brynn Fier

Comments (2)

An interesting poem by the poet.
I could complete my life hearing and reading only St Vincent Millay! Bittersweet resignation seems to be a leit motif in many of her works, and the pictures she paints with her choice of words are always, to me, brooding, somber, sad in a universal sense.