At Work

When no working or unemployed anytime For any reason, then You feel as if the whole world is over Your head or The whole world is up-side-down... If you work or if you're employed anytime, then You have many problems that arise either From your employer, From employees, or From those customers who come to purchase things anytime... Any work is double-edged Simply because one has to face unexpected things anytime... Avoidance things or people is almost impossible In the most of the circumstances that arise from a work... Experience and patience are pretty factors That enable us to avoid the unexpected things anytime... The more we get familiar with our work, The more we can things and people easily... If we don't learn from our mistakes, then We will not be to go on working anywhere and everywhere... It's all a matter of taking things easy... _____________________________________________________________________


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There is so much pain in this poem. Can feel the poet crying out to be able to erase the memory of the one who's gone.