(6 March 1806 – 29 June 1861 / Durham / England)


Man dies too soon, beside his works half-planned.
His days are counted and reprieve is vain:
Who shall entreat with Death to stay his hand;
Or cloke the shameful nakedness of pain?

Send here the bold, the seekers of the way--
The passionless, the unshakeable of soul,
Who serve the inmost mysteries of man's clay,
And ask no more than leave to make them whole.

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I love the message of this sonnet. She wants his love so badly, yet knows she is undeserving. He would persist in loving her though, and for fear of losing that love, she tells Robert to love her just to love. For the things he loves about HER could change. I have often felt this same way.
this is one of the most poems i liked by elizabeth browning. through this poem she is addressing her beloved, robert browning, she feels as if she is nothing. she has no hope in life. we get to know that her poems and her ideas give him pleasure. 'neither love me for thine own dear pity`s wiping my cheeks dry', this is a very direct reference to her illeness and shows how robert loves her. he cares her & feels pity towards her.' IT IS LOVE THAT CURES ANY DISEASE'