When it has all been said.
What is left to be heard.
When it has all been done.
What is the point in going on,

Too many dreams so early as they come.
All shattered by the genius' of the past.
Yet we still ascend, how is this constant?
Well I'll say to you what I feel.

In my own consent we ride on this path.
Ever so exuberant, ecstatic, and extravagant.
Motivated to outdo the old and become the best
From this greater plane of existence.
We generate the power called will.

Able to combat against the impossible.
Enigmas beware, we WILL devour you
But there is still a bane for us I believe
That one slayer is reality...
With that said reality hits us deep in the core of our rave

We realize that what we do does not matter
Due to facts about life, and anything we come across.
It stumps us in our road.
This reaction then makes our minds as fragile as from whence we developed our first dreams, which shattered and revolved to what was so greatly related to hope, our WILL POWER becomes nothing more than the flesh rotting at our graves!

Yet i remind myself...
If you are struck down to the depths of the abyss rise again stronger than ever and should you fall yet again ascend yet again it does not matter who or what you stand against. RISE TILL YOU DIE AND ARISE YET AGAIN!

6: 59: 46 PM - 7: 11: 52 PM 1-20-09

by Anthony Han

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