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Dreams Vs. Reality
(26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire)

Dreams Vs. Reality

Shine a lantern where I walk this path
Anger fuels the sweat that stings my wrath
The cracks are cracked and I'm sailing past
But, this pail of water has drained too fast
The lantern flickers forth shining light into beams
The colors start dancing, nothings quite what it seems
The birds sing songs, never hearing their sounds
My hands turn pitch black, and are glued upon the ground
A destitute limps forth, a spatula for a hand
My luck is turning, staring up as I stand
And there's a tower of silver, tossing coins from the sky
So i reach down to pick up, cause he's got a phone for a thigh
Dialing quicker and quicker when someone starts calling
Shaking and waking, my hands lay where they'd fallen
Freezing and white with paleness, everything is the same
I step down and I'm soaking, A pail of water is to blame

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