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Soon To Depart
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Soon To Depart

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

couldn’t be fixed
all the people
suffering from it
were goners
one such soul
happened to be Frank Brown
a teacher at Spinoza high school
who was spending his last days
at Pine Grove Nursing Home
me and Tom Pray
went for a visit
Tom bringing
a couple of videos
and People magazine
this one a special
The Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World
Frank sat in a wheelchair
eyes closed
but Tom opened the magazine
and began reading,
“Ricky Rocky Paull Goldin
says of this here Yasmine Bleeth,
‘I can spend the rest of
my life looking at her face.’”
suddenly Pray laughed
as his body twisted in odd ways
the laughter consuming
his tiny musculature
finally he blurted out, “This guy is
a total featherbrain
a boob, a bubblehead,
a blathering bumblebeebrain,
the rest of his life looking at
Yasmine Bleeth! A fate
worse than death!
looks like a plastic surgeon’s
handiwork to me
but to conclude this
says Yasmine Bleeth is 5’5”
but would rather be 5’11”.
What a dunderhead this creature is!
short people is...is...well say
we do OK for ourselves
I’m five foot even
who the hell
would wanna be anybody
but who they are? ”
Frank Brown snored
and I was happy
for that.

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Comments (3)

Well, of course first I went to Google to get a gander at Yasmine Bleeth's face. She look good to me, but that's not at issue. Trying to articulate some of what you do in a lot of your poems. I guess it's just 'life goes on' amid a great deal of absurdity. Brought back memories, I used to visit a fellow in an AIDS house in SF and play music, haven't thought of that chapter for quite awhile
A poet's poem! Exquisite!
Another wonderful story, enjoyed Frank Brown Linda